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So after buying my first pair of intentionally vegan shoes this weekend (and getting a nifty "Go Vegan" tote bag which I cannot use without feeling hypocritical), my boss asked me to pick out a laptop bag for the new MacBook he's getting for "a computer programmer" - i.e., me - to use. I saw one that I thought looked nice, and when I looked at the details, I saw that it actually advertised an orca skin pocket.
In case you need some disambiguation, wikipedia says that "Orca" can be:
  • a film
  • a novel
  • a comic book (actually two)
  • a racecar
  • a naval ship
  • a software vendor
  • a video game character
  • a grant from a BYU
  • or a killer whale
I'll let you guess which one they make this laptop case out of. What the hell do I want Shamu in my laptop bag for? That is such needless use of animal flesh! I understand leather shoes. And besides, plenty of folks are eating cow anyway, so using their skin for clothing is not only acceptable but makes more sense than not using their skin for anything. Orca are not eaten regularly. Until now, I thought the only abuse they went through was at the hands of Sea World and tuna fisheries. Apparently, their skin is used to provide a stylish pocket in your laptop carrier.

EDIT: According to [livejournal.com profile] alanscottevil, orca skin may be a synthetic material.


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